Protection and Advocacy for Immigrants:


  1. Build or join efforts to advocate for local laws and policies which help:
    ♦ Cities/counties create a firewall between local law enforcement and ICE.
    ♦ Church and other leaders negotiate with regional ICE Field Office Directors to use their prosecutorial discretion to set up a just and humane criteria for deferred deportation and to maintain churches, schools, and hospitals as “sensitive zones.”

  3. Train volunteers to prepare individual and family packets which will help undocumented people with their legal or deferred deportation petitions.

  5. Train volunteers to help with individual advocacy with ICE/CIS for deferred deportation.

  7. Prepare to provide short-term emergency shelter to immigrants and a legal assessment.

  9. Create a rapid response network to film and delay detention.

  11. If you are in a more dangerous area, help immigrants at risk move to a safer area.

  13. If you are in a relatively safe area, help newly arrived immigrants resettle.

  15. Join local actions which are part of national coordinated actions to communicate our support for immigrants to the federal government.
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